My love for dogs started when I was very young. They bring so much joy and greatness into our lives. I only wish to return that love and contribute to their health and happiness on a daily basis. In August of 2011, I dedicated my everything into launching Wagabout. I can honestly say, this is what I was meant to do and I am so excited to be living out my dream.


I've been an animal lover from the very start from dogs, cats, and horses to fish, mice and snakes. Dogs have especially been important in my life. I always had dogs of all breeds. I tore through any dog book I could get my hands on and am familiar with almost all breeds and each of their distinct behaviors and personalities. I also just love being outdoors and walking so needless to say this is a job that I'm very happy to have. It’s hard to really call it work when you're having so much fun!


I’ve loved dogs my whole life. Growing up, I always wanted to say hello to every dog I saw. My family adopted a few over the years. We had a really sweet and calm border collie named Watts, a playful rottweiler named Schatzi, and a shy but affectionate shepherd/shiba inu mix named Carmelo. In addition to the dogs I’ve met thru friends, family, and neighbors, I’ve learned that they are such pure and amazing friends! I currently live in Silver Spring with my family and my pet mouse Stewie. I love dog walking because it allows me to spend time with so many unique dogs. It’s a very fun experience!





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